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WiFi signal can be very annoying since not all corners of the home get great coverage. The solution to this problem is to use WiFi boosters. NETGEAR Orbi Home is one of the most chosen WiFi boosters that everyone loves. Here is the NETGEAR Orbi Home review WiFi booster for you.

High Quality Design

NETGEAR Orbi Home comes with two different versions, the satellite one and the router one. Both of them come with a similar luxurious design. The router has a slightly smaller size of 6.67 x 2.36 x 8.89 inches and the size of the satellite one is 5.6 x 2.4 x 6.6 inches.

Not only have different sizes, but these WiFi boosters come with a different color. The Orbi router has bluish color at the top and yellow color on the Ethernet port, while Orbi Satellite doesn’t. The nice design goes well with other furniture at your house and it can occupy any space available.

Easy Setup

By purchasing this WiFi booster, you will get the manuals to setup the device for the first time. The manual is pretty easy to understand and you will be able to follow it well. You just need to plug the WiFi booster to the power source and setup the device to the main WiFi router.

The setup is pretty easy since you just need to download the app or simply go the website. Both means work well, but if you want to get a complete setup, this review WiFi booster advised you to go to the website.

Speedy Connection

The best thing about NETGEAR Orbi Home that this review WiFi booster brought is a faster connection compared to other WiFi boosters with the same frequency. You will be able to surf the internet with 400Mbit/sec for using the 2.4GHz channel, while 866Mbit/sec for the 5GHz channel.

This device comes with different light indicators that show different internet speed. If you notice the light changes into magenta, it shows that the connection is bad, but you can simply switch the channel to get a better connection.


Another best thing about this WiFi booster is you can move it around without the needs to setup it again. If you notice that the WiFi becomes poorer, you just need to move the router closer. Some users find it quite stressful since it is hard to get the connection bad once you lose the power source. But, it is pretty easy to get it back by pressing the restart button and it will work perfectly again.


The downside of this WiFi booster is its price. NETGEAR Orbi Home is sold for around $200 to $300 and it makes some people don’t want to buy it. By paying the same price or less, you might get better WiFi boosters.

Despite its expensive price, this NETGEAR Orbi Home has lots of great features for you, from better performance and better area coverage. Hopefully, by reading the review WiFi booster above, you can decide whether it’s the best WiFi booster for you or not.

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